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FC722-YZ CerberusPRO Fire Control Panel (2L, 1LED)
The FC722 (2-loop, expandable to 4) is a compact fire control panel with an integrated operating ..
FT2001-A1 Mimic display driver
The FT2001-A1 has 2x24 outputs for LED activation for mimic display panels. Connection to LED via..
Z1I020 connection cable
FDAI93 Alarm Indicator - Flush
DAMPER001-DM  Damper Control Module to Control four (4) Damper
The Damper control display module provides simple and easy to use controls for ope..
DC1156-AA AlgoRex InterActive 3 Ouput Module
Provides decentralized activation of fire doors, ventilators, air conditioning etc. Control outpu..
DLR1193 Beam Detector (Short Distance Reflector )
The foil consists of micro-prismatic elements, which are formed in a transparent, synthetic resin..
FCM7205-Y3 Operating Unit (+LED ind)
E3L020 control module  (16 x I/O driver)
16-way input/output module. 16 x 24 VDC, 40 mA inputs or outputs. Each way freely programmable. C..
FDCIO223 FDnet Transponder
For connection of collective fire detectors (GMT/conventional line, GMT/conventional line with sh..
LE3 Flame Detector Test Lamp
The test lamp is used for testing the operation of all flame detectors (non explosion-hazard area..
SB3 Shunt Zener Diode Barrier
DT1152A AlgoRex InterActive Heat Detector
For the monitoring of rooms and installations where in the event of fire, a rapid increase in tem..
DO1101A AlgoRex Collective Smoke Detector
For the early warning of smoke forming flaming fires and smoldering fires. With increased sensiti..
FCI2002-A1 Periphery Board (2 Loop)
Periphery board (2-loop) without accessories. Use as repair part only. ..
E3X120 control unit to CI1145 (FM)