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B3R051 parallel indicator unit
Events associated with fire zones or areas are clearly displayed using the B3R051 LED indicating ..
FDFB291 Base for flame Detector
The base comprises a robust, glass fiber-reinforced, plastic housing which provides the required ..
FN2006-A1 Ethernet switch (SM)
With the fiber optic cable network module Single Mode (SM), stations can be networked over great ..
FC723-XA CerberusPRO Fire Control Panel (modular, AS4428)
The FC723... (2-loop, expandable to 4 loops) is a modular fire control panel with an integrated o..
DB1151A AlgoRex Interactive Detector Base
Universal base for all point detectors of the AlgoRex Interactive series Download Datasheet ..
DLR1191 Beam Detector (Long Distance Reflector )
Retro-reflectors are characterized by the fact that an impinging light ray is reflected in parall..
FC726-ZA CerberusPRO Fire Control Panel (modular)
The FC726... (4-loop, expandable to 28 loops) is a modular fire control panel with an integrated ..
B2F020 converter 230v/29.6v
115/230 VAC to 29.6 VDC, 6 A (40... 220 VA) ..
Z1I070 connecting cable
XC1003-A Extinguishing Panel Rack Mount
The XC1003-A 19" Rack variant offers the same connection possibilities than XC1001-A. Up to 16 pa..
DT1101A Collective Heat Detector (ROR)
For the monitoring of rooms and installations where in the event of fire, a rapid increase in tem..
E3M071 AlgoRex InterActive Line Card
AlgoRex InterActive Line Card is for one detection line using Interactive detectors ..
DF1192 Triple Spectrum Flame Detector
Infrared flame detector with 3 infrared sensors. One sensor measures the hot carbon dioxide in a ..
FCI2003-A1 Loop Extension (FDnet))
E3H020 Gateway module
Connection C-bus network <-> Building management system via V.28 interface (RS232) ISO1745 ..
FDB291 Base Attachment