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E3C011 Battery charging module
Battery charging module for auxiliary power supply, or as spare part for CS1140. ..
FDCI221 Input module
For the connection of 1 circuit of potential-free make-or-break contact for the indication of tec..
DZ1131 AlgoRex AnalogPLUS Line Tester
Universal device for the final testing of installed fire detection lines. The line test unit can ..
DF1151-EX Infrared Flame Detector (EX Rated)
Flame detector DF1101-Ex intrinsically safe for Ex-protected areas. The infrared flame detector D..
K3M111 AlgoRex AnalogPLUS Line Card
DO1131A AlgoRex AnalogPLUS Smoke Detector
For the early warning of smoke forming flaming fires and smoldering fires. With increased sensiti..
FCI2008-A1 I/O card(Programmable)
The I/O card is an additional card with programmable inputs and outputs for expansion of the inte..
E3I020 RS 232 module for CS1140
Level converter with electrical isolation and EMI protection. Two serial RS232 interfaces to conn..
FDBZ290 Air sampl.smoke det. unit basis
The air sampling smoke detection kit is a passive monitoring system without its own fan. It makes..
FDS221-R CerberusPRO Loop Sounder (Red)
Loud alarming in case of fire alarm, clearly recognizable as danger signal. To be mounted on the ..
DOT1151A AlgoRex InterActive Neural Smoke Detector
For the early warning of flaming fires involving solid particles and liquids as well as smolderin..
DC1131-AA AlgoRex AnalogPLUS Input Module
Provides decentralized activation of fire doors, ventilators, air conditioning etc. Control outpu..
FDM226-RP CerberusPRO Manual Call Point W/P
For immediate manual actuation of a fire alarm. For indoor and outdoor application. Direct alarm ..
FDMH291-B Housing to Suit (DMA11x, FDME221 MCP Switching Units)
FN2008-A1 Ethernet switch (MM)
With the fiber optic cable network module Multi Mode (MM), stations can be networked over great d..
E3I040 Ion module
LON Bus driver module for connection of B3Q580, B3Q590, B3Q595, B3R051, K3R072 and K3I050 Modules..