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DF1192 Triple Spectrum Flame Detector
Infrared flame detector with 3 infrared sensors. One sensor measures the hot carbon dioxide in a ..
FCI2003-A1 Loop Extension (FDnet))
E3H020 Gateway module
Connection C-bus network <-> Building management system via V.28 interface (RS232) ISO1745 ..
FDB291 Base Attachment
LP720 CerberusPRO Locking Pin
Locking Pin to secure detector to base, this will eliminate the removal of detector head from bas..
DM1103-S Extinguishing Emergency Stop LCS
Emergency stop button DM1103-S for the stop function of a gas extinguishing system. For indoo..
DT1131A AlgoRex AnalogPLUS Heat Detector (ROR)
For the monitoring of rooms and installations where in the event of fire, a rapid increase in tem..
DM1152 AlgoRex Interactive Manual Call Point W/P
For the early warning of smoke forming flaming fires and smoldering fires. With increased sensiti..
FDMH291-Y Housing to Suit (DMA11x, FDME221 MCP Switching Units)
FP2005-A1 Power Supply Kit (150W,B)
Power supply kit (150 W, B) as auxiliary power supply for cascading. Converts mains voltage t..
K3R072 Synoptic driver
DX791 CerberusPRO Detector exchanger
Insertion and removal of all Cerberus PRO and 110-series point detectors (OOH740 and OOHC740 requ..
FN2007-A1 Ethernet switch (MM)
With the fiber optic cable network module Multi Mode (MM), stations can be networked over great d..
FCM7215-Y3 Operating Unit (+24 Zone RGY LED ind)
DB1131A AlgoRex AnalogPLUS Detector Base
Universal base for all point detectors of the AlgoRex AnalogPLUS series Download Datasheet ..
DLF1191-AB AlgoRex Beam Detector Filter 5-8m
For short distances between 5 and 8 meters, an additional short distance filter is required. The ..