False Alarms!

What is a False Alarm?

A False Alarm is when the Fire Brigade attends a premises in response to a Fire Alarm where there is no FIRE.

False Alarms disrupt the community, cause complacency and business down time due to evacuations, and divert responders away from genuine emergencies, which could potentially lead to loss of life and property.


In 2015, 97% of the Automatic Fire Alarms (AFA) that Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) responded to were due to False Alarms, In Queensland QFRS refer to a False Alarms as an Unwanted Alarm.


False Alarm fast facts: per Annum


Number of False Alarm Call Outs

Attendance Fees

% of Call Outs identified as a False Alarm

NSW / ACT 48,000 $1,600 97%
TAS 3,164 $331  
QLD 18,000 $1,254  
VIC 14,000 $2,000  
WA 4,293 $750  
SA 4,000 $600  
NT 3,000 $885  

These charges recover less than 25% of the estimated full costs of attending an unwanted alarm activation.

Source: 2017 AU Fire Brigade References


State Fire Brigades, source data regarding False/Unwanted Alarms. 

NSW  Fire & Rescue NSW
Queensland Queensland Fire & Emergency Services
Victoria  Metropolian Fire Service
Western Australia Department of Fire & Emergency Services


How do we Eliminate False or Unwanted Alarms?

Using Siemens Neural Smoke Detectors with ASA Technology