Fire Safety Markets

Every fire safety market has different requirements when it comes to fire protection.

That is why a solid fire safety concept is needed, customized to the individual on-site needs. With our complete fire safety portfolio of intelligent and unique technologies, you always have the ideal solution for your fire safety market at hand.

We have compiled for you some exemplary fire safety markets ‒ to show you how Siemens can easily answer questions like:

Fire safety market Hotel spaceonly Fire safety market Data Center

How can I make my hotel a safer place?

In the hotel industry, the safety of employees, guests and suppliers is a major concern. Fire incidents not only result in financial losses, they also severely damage a hotel’s reputation. Find out more about our fire safety solutions for the fire safety market Hotel.


  > Fire Safety in Hotels



What is important in a data center? 

Data centers are the heart of a company’s information structure. They are extremely critical assets because the loss of data can be devastating. Companies can even suffer a complete breakdown in operations after just a few hours of downtime. Find out more about our fire safety solutions for the fire safety market Data Center.

  > Fire Safety in Data Centres


Fire safety market educational facilities   Fire safety in critical areas of commercial buildings

How can you keep students, buildings and research assets safe?

Safeguarding educational facilities is a challenge: it involves protecting the lives of thousands of people, ensuring uninterrupted learning as well as keeping buildings, unique documents and research assets safe.

  > Fire Safety in Universities



Fire safety involves various challenges. Every application comes in a different shape and size and has its own requirements and environmental condition. 

Find out how to ensure maximum protection and life safety in different applications.



  > Fire Safety in Student Accomodation





  Fire safety market Historical Building

Ensuring early and reliable fire detection in an environment with extreme deceptive phenomena, such as those present at a rock concert with pyrotechnic effects, is a particularly difficult challenge. In such an environment fire detectors must be installed which allow their response characteristics to be adapted to fit the current risk and environmental conditions.





  > Fire Protection in Nightclubs and Event Venues



How can we best protect our historical buildings and museums and preserve historical structures and items of cultural and historical significance? 

Fire and the resulting damage pose a high risk to historical buildings and Museums. Each major incident in recent years has resulted in monetary losses that often ran into the tens of millions of Euros – not to mention the loss of irreplaceable historical artifacts. Find out more about our solutions for the fire safety market Historical Buildings and Museums.

  > Fire Safety in Historical Buildings and Museums