Fire Safety in Data Centre

Detection, Alarming, Evacuation, Extinguishing

Safe data centers are the indispensable backbone of today’s highly engineered society. They are processing an ever-increasing quantity of videos, voice and data throughout a global network of several billion devices. Applications such as social media, cloud computing, online banking and e-healthcare solutions impact our life every day. In today's world, no one can afford not to be connected.

Failure of the internal data center or of the vital data center which serves the general public, poses a significant problem within a short time. Employees who are not able to carry out their work and unhappy customers, who cannot get in touch with their service provider or contractor, represent merely the tip of the iceberg of our technical vulnerability.

Therefore, the most important objective in a data center is maximum availability (99.995% per year)1. It is thus understood that data centers have to be designed, implemented and operated in such a way that a high level of availability can be guaranteed, even in case of a fire. High availability can only be achieved if all relevant influencing factors are planned, implemented and put into effect in the company in a coordinated and consistent way.

For maximum protection, a comprehensive fire safety system is needed to ensure business continuity, personal safety and damage mitigation in case of fire. The cornerstones of such a system are a fire detection system that guarantees earliest and most reliable fire detection in a highly ventilated area and that activates the alarming devices, the relevant fire safety controls and appropriate response measures.