Fire Safety in Hotels

Detection, Alarming, Evacuation, Extinguishing

Hotel fires represent a major risk to people’s safety, the hotel property and business continuity. It is the hotel owner’s primary concern that guests enjoy their stay: but besides offering first-rate service, this also includes ensuring maximum safety. Fire incidents not only result in financial losses, they can also severely damage a hotel’s reputation.

To guarantee adequate fire safety standards, national and regional directives have been established. Personal safety is generally regulated by laws and official requirements, while the protection of material assets is mainly determined by the guidelines and directives drawn up by insurance companies.

Depending on the size, shape and furnishings of a hotel – as well as the national and regional directives of a country – different solutions are appropriate. Special attention should be given to critical areas where many people are present and areas with significant deceptive phenomena, heat sources and large fire loads such as guest rooms, kitchens, laundries, plant rooms, etc.

For maximum protection, a comprehensive fire safety system is needed to ensure personal safety and damage mitigation in case of fire. The cornerstone of such a system is a fire detection system that guarantees earliest and most reliable fire detection and activates the alarm devices and the relevant fire safety controls.

The goal is to protect people and property as effectively as possible and to minimize any operational interruptions and loss of customer base. Fire safety is therefore a long-term investment that must be carefully planned to ensure the continued success of the hotel.