Modernisation of Old Systems

The Intelligent move for modernising your existing Fire Detection System 

With CerberusPRO, you can easily modernise your existing fire alarm system and benefit from the latest detector technology like the unique ASA Technology from Siemens. What's more, you can migrate your system in phases according to your needs and budget.


Older systems often no longer meet the safety requirements currently prescribed for new installations. Nuisance alarms may occur, disturbing your business processes. Additionally, older systems require increasingly intensive maintenance. And as time goes by, many factors within your company may change – whether product services or working methods and procedures. All these aspects affect your safety needs, which is why a fire alarm system requires timely modernization. 

Modernisation - But why?

  • Existing systems often do not meet today’s requirements
  • Constant changes in business processes, legal and organizational requirements, room usage and infrastructure necessitate a reappraisal of the fire protection concept
  • Maintenance of older systems becomes more problematic and expensive – to the detriment of your safety
  • This affects the fire safety concept in your building
  • Servicing fire detection systems installed in the 70s, 80s and 90s are a risk due to:
    • Spare parts that can no longer be procured anymore
    • Extra costs and additional effort for maintenance
    • Longer downtime caused by obsolete equipment

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Does your existing fire detection system still protect your employees and your assets?
  • Are your customers, visitors and company sufficiently protected?
  • Does your existing system meet the current and mid-term laws and regulations?
  • Which method of modernisation would be best for you?

Modernisation with CerberusPRO means

  • We modernise according to your current fire protection needs – balanced with your area of application and your budget

Customised and flexible modernisation – step by step

  • Compatible modernisation solutions for every area of application – in accordance with all conditions and regulations 
  • Replacing only components that really need to be replaced – thanks to the compatibility of Cerberus PRO with existing fire detection systems from Siemens.
  • Existing products can be reused during modernization, including cables
  • Minimum interruptions and maximum system availability – your employees, customers and operations will hardly be affected by phased modernization


Modernising by staying Conventional – Phase 1

Step by Step Detector Replacement

  • Existing conventional detectors will be replaced – either individually or Zone by Zone
  • No need for construction measures – existing cables can be simply reused
  • Detector exchange can be performed as part of a scheduled maintenance
  • Introduce ASAtechnology by integrating the OOH740 ASA Neural Fire Detector of the CerberusPRO range






Modernising by going Addressable – Phase 2

Comfortable Modernisation of Control Panels

  • Existing panels are replaced with the powerful Cerberus PRO FS720 Panels
  • You can now enjoy all benefits of the latest fire detection technology – incl. ASAtechnology, safety features like degrade mode, an intuitive user interface or unique networking options, industrial LAN technology