System overview Sinorix N₂ ▪ Ar ▪ CO₂

The extinguishing properties of Sinorix extinguishing solutions with natural agents are based on displacing oxygen in the protected area (inertization): Flooding the area with nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide lowers the percent by volume of oxygen to typically 13.8 vol-% to 10 vol-% depending on the risk of fire and displaces the oxygen needed for the combustion process. This reliably extinguishes the fire and prevents reignition. Depending on the risk of fire and national regulations, Sinorix inert gas extinguishing solutions are designed to be safe for people. This means that during extinguishing the oxygen will be reduced to a value between 13.8 vol-% and 10 vol-%.

A minimal nozzle pressure of 10-bar can be ensured for all extinguishing agents thanks to a hydraulic calculation software. The software is licensed by VdS and considers the specific hydraulic parameters that were defined in the VdS approval tests. This assures a homogeneous displacement of oxygen, with which the design concentration in the flooding zone is reached quickly. In combination with state-of-the-art fire detection systems, Sinorix N₂ ▪ Ar ▪ CO₂ extinguishing systems offer the optimal solution for fast and reliable extinguishing of fires.

Sinorix extinguishing solutions with natural agents provide high planning and engineering flexibility. The systems can be designed for nitrogen and argon in 200- and 300-bar and for carbon dioxide in 56-bar technology. In addition, single sector or multi-sector solutions with respective cylinder batteries and selector valves can be realized for all three inert gases. A centralized or decentralized positioning of the cylinders is possible.
Based on this flexibility, inert gas extinguishing solutions can be optimally tailored to existing building structures, requirements and risks of fire, so they provide optimum protection. In addition, our solutions also comprise a broad service and maintenance portfolio to ensure smooth operation.

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