Sinorix Compact

Sinorix Compact

Sinorix Compact ‒ easy, unique, all-in-one fire safety

Because the business continuity of many companies depends on stored data and knowledge, reliable fire protection in server rooms is essential. For these environments, the new Sinorix Compact fire protection system is the ideal solution.

The unique Sinorix Compact combines fast and reliable detection with quiet and safe extinguishing as well as easy and efficient control in one compact package. It is the perfect choice for protecting small enclosures with volumes up to 120 m3 that contain electronic and electrical equipment. The unique and optimized design of this all-in-one fire safety solution makes it fast and easy to install, commission and maintain. The cabinet includes an aspirating smoke detector, a Sinorix Silent Nozzle, an alarm device, a flashing signal lamp and a 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid cylinder ‒ all prewired to an XC10 fire detection and extinguishing control panel.

And because all the devices come from a single source – Siemens – you get 160 years of experience and expertise in fire safety.

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